About the app

Outram Research required an app to run on all screen sizes of Android smartphones and tablets, which could communicate with and control their electrical testing equipment in industrial and commercial environments. Click here for Outram Research’s press release about the app.

Because the high voltage testing equipment it controls often operates in a very dangerous environment, the app communicates with the equipment via Bluetooth. This allows users to control the equipment and read off test results without going near the equipment, or even from outside the building.

The client


Outram Research Ltd are a specialist manufacturer of cutting-edge power quality monitors and analysers.

Their range of testing equipment is used by electrical generation and industrial clients worldwide. Having previously used Windows CE devices to control and monitor their equipment, they decided that these were rapidly becoming obsolete and being superseded by mobile phones and tablets which users were already carrying as a matter of course.

As they wished to supply tablets with their equipment, they chose to use Android devices because of their wide range of prices and models, suitable for all client types.