About the app

Currently being used in two five-star London hotels (and planned to roll out to more), the app is designed to control all the electronic equipment in a hotel room (lights, air conditioning, TV, clock/alarm) via wi-fi from a single tablet.

The system makes it easy for guests to control their environment at the touch of a button. It also allows the hotel to control each room separately over IP if needed and to effectively communicate with guests by directly sending information, arranging bookings, receiving feedback etc.

The app works over IP via a wireless connection, using Modbus commands to control the lighting. Bearded Hen worked closely with the electrical installer during refurbishment of the hotels to create this flexible and expandable room control system.

As well as the tablet app, Bearded Hen also built a web-based “dashboard” so that it is possible to monitor the status and operation of each tablet as well as reconfiguring them if necessary. This allows hotels to gather important behavioural information as well as providing up-to-the minute support when tablets or electrical equipment fails, users experience problems/errors, or tablet batteries run flat.

The client

The app and admin website were built for a start-up business created by an ex-Samsung executive.

Our client used his extensive hospitality, hardware, manufacturing and software contacts to put together this innovative room control system, as well as sourcing custom “kiosk mode” tablets from Samsung.