About the app

Maintaining equipment in a hostile offshore marine environment can expose maintenance workers to far more dangerous conditions than shore-based equivalents.

The Offshore Wind Management app was designed as part of a complete marine telemetry system for maintenance boats working on offshore wind farms.

Is a boat heaving, pitching or rolling too much to step off onto a fixed platform? When has rough weather caused an unhealthy level of stress on the crew? How can you gauge whether a boat is exerting an unsafe level of stress when pushing up against wind turbines for crew to disembark? These are issues a boat’s captain constantly has to judge in challenging conditions.

A tablet-based telemetry system linked to sensors on the boat can record and display vital measurements as well as warning when conditions are unsafe. We recently worked on a such a system for one of the leading offshore maintenance providers to the marine energy sector, creating a real-time monitoring interface to interact with a custom hardware system fitted to each boat and shore-based monitoring systems.

We’re now also working on a back-end web portal to manage system users and review historical data.

The client

We worked with Dyena, who design and manufacture electronic recording equipment for impact exposure monitoring,  human factors research and vessel development, to create a prototype system for one of the world’s leading offshore maintenance providers to the marine energy sector.

Dyena created the on-board hardware, sensors and the overall architecture of the system, we created the tablet based app to act as a user interface and interact with the onboard hardware giving the vessel Captain accurate realtime information and routing data back to a shore based database for analysis.

Subsequent to this initial prototype, we’ve worked with Dyena to productise the system so it can be made available other operators, and to add a web-based management portal for system administration, managing users and reviewing historical data.