About the app

Baker Street Regulars is an loyalty scheme or voucher app for workers in and around Baker Street in London. It was designed to encourage people working in the area to frequent other local businesses.

Our friends at Gravitywell in Bristol contracted Bearded Hen to work on the Android mobile aspects of this project. The cutting edge design was the work of Gravitywell, but we implemented it on Android, ensuring it worked efficiently and reliably on all target devices and integrated the app with the Parse.com database back-end already in place.

The client

Gravitywell are a long established and well respected digital agency based in Bristol. They are typical of a number of our clients who commission Bearded Hen to work on Android specific areas of larger digital projects.

The range of technologies and speed of innovation in digital media mean that it just isn’t economic or practical for generalist digital agencies to be experts in everything. They often employ freelancers or external agencies for specialist work so we frequently find ourselves taken on as extra capacity on projects such as this or for our specialist Android skills and experience.