About the app

Can never decide who buys the next round, breaks off at pool, washes the dishes or rides shotgun in the car?

Forget spoof, eenie-meenie, tossing a coin, picking the short straw – Loser Chooser makes the task quicker, easier, more fair and more fun. Loser Chooser selects a random player from amongst your friends for a forfeit or dare – it’s the 21st century way to spin the bottle!

Hit “Play” and the job is done – the loser and their forfeit are spoken and displayed for all players to see. The loser’s going to find it hard to worm out of that one!

As featured on TheNextWeb: “Loser Chooser brings ‘Spin-the-Bottle’ to Android smartphones.”

The client

The developers at Bearded Hen have been through the entire app publishing cycle with many clients, moving right from initial concept to published app and marketing/promotion…

But Loser Chooser was our first self-initiated project. Initially hacked together over a weekend, Pete found that the simple concept of a random selector to choose a “loser” from a group of friends was something that got a great reception.

During a quiet period between projects, we put together a more polished and robust version of the app and launched it on Google Play, SlideMe.org and via a Twitter campaign (@LoserChooserApp).

This was the first of hopefully many self-generated publishing projects. So if you have a great idea you think we should be working on, please do contact us.