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Safety Management


A tablet app designed for gathering the results of health and safety inspections in industrial environments. These results along with photographic evidence are uploaded to a central repository to keep full and permanent records of all inspections. Health and safety is an essential part of modern manufacturing and industry, and this app has reduced the time and cost of these inspections drastically.

Update: This app has now been re-factored to make use of our ‘Input Hound’ data gathering framework so take a look at that project for more info.

– Hugely more efficient than previous paper-based system by making it easy to check compliance criteria and record inspection status on-site.

– Easy to capture and manage photos of inspected equipment, match them to inspection records then sync with the client’s database via JSON webservices.

– Quick download of previous inspection results by site for periodic re-inspections.

– Efficient download/upload of images optimises memory use.

SAI Digital is a digital agency based in Georgia, USA. Working with a firm of manufacturing consultants they have created an inspection system to streamline the inspection of manufacturing facilities and record their compliance with a host of legal and safety requirements.

They asked Bearded Hen to create the Android tablet app to allow inspectors to quickly and easily gather the necessary data and photos, then sync those inspection results with a central database.

It’s great to work with local developers, but many of our clients still find it hard to locate competent Android developers. If you can’t find one near you it’s actually just as easy to work remotely and many of our projects have been completed that way. We’re happy to Skype or talk on the phone, and we consider communication one of our strengths whether you’re next door or across the Atlantic.

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Photo by Oliver Hale on Unsplash

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