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Specialist TV channel for a major car manufacturer

specialist TV channer android app

Working with one of the UK’s top advertising agencies, we’ve created an Android interface for searching, browsing and sharing video content for a trail-blazing specialist internet TV channel, belonging to one of the world’s major car manufacturers.

Whilst our client handled the redesign of the entire video-streaming back-end and an upgraded website for this new look channel, they enlisted our help in putting together the Android mobile apps for both tablets and smartphones to optimize mobile browsing.

They chose to create native Android apps rather than a mobile website as they wanted an exceptionally fast and fluid interface, incorporating many custom and non-standard controls and design elements.

– A custom, dynamically-built video-wall that presents different sized video previews and promotions in a way far beyond the traditional scrolling gallery.

– Each preview in the video wall is a dynamic interactive element in itself.

– The navigation and video viewing screens incorporate multiple non-standard pull-out menus to explore content in numerous ways without navigating away from a single screen.

– Tilt navigation – using the device’s tilt-sensors to steer around the content.

– Custom video controls – slotting into the interface far more neatly than the standard Android controls.

– Hardware acceleration used where needed to speed up animation and make the interface more fluid on large screens.

– Multi-lingual and multinational – a single app will display localised content and text based on the user’s location.

– Ability to browse further info and related content while a video is running.

– A single app resizes and reformats for all sizes of tablet and phone in portrait and landscape modes.

We can’t say much due to client confidentiality, but we worked with one of the top five UK advertising agencies to create this Android app for a motor car manufacturer pretty much everyone in the world will have heard of…

The client consulted with us from the earliest design stages to establish what was practical and feasible and how to get the best from the mobile apps.

This is a great app to use but due to client confidentiality we can’t point you to this app on Google Play. Please contact us if you wish to find out more or discuss the app’s features in connection with your next project.

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