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NFC read / write

NFC tags create great opportunities for reading and storing small amounts of data and/or instructing a smartphone about the identity or status of an object. There are many different types and capacities of NFC chips to suit different uses but all can be placed in various ways: tags, stickers, patches, bracelets, lanyards or embedded in objects.

Earlier this year Bearded Hen produced a prototype medical app using NFC tags to store data. Clinical staff can read data off an NFC chip using any NFC enabled Android phone, they can also write to the chip and review the data on-screen.

– Simple and quick process reads from and writes to NFC chip

– Rigorous logic to ensure safety critical data can’t be overwritten accidentally

– Review and edit data on-screen before re-writing to the chip

– Email data to colleagues

– Very limited data capacity on the chips means Bearded Hen had to devise a bespoke data compression system to allow storage of all necessary variables

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Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

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