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Android interface for detection device

Just finished Phase 1 work on an Android interface for a detection device commonly used in the building industry.

The device currently logs scan results every second and holds these locally for Bluetooth download to a PC at a later date. But of course if it’s got Bluetooth, we can access all that data on a smartphone! So the Phase 1 work was to create an Android interface to pair with the device and download log files so they can be shared or emailed from out in the field.

Sounds simple, but we had to tackle some quite niggly issues with maintaining and restoring the Bluetooth connection. Also the device can hold tens of thousands of log files, but its own software takes 0.2 seconds to search for and access each one… so how do you find and download ranges of log files without it taking half an hour plus? The answer was to create a nifty little binary search to pinpoint the required logs in the minimum time. Watch this space for updates on the next phase of work…

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Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

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