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50″ Android TV – the world’s largest tablet?

We’ve just taken delivery of the first 50″ Android TV off the production line.

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The world’s largest tablet.

That’s not a TV and set-top box, and it’s not casting an Android screen onto a regular TV, it’s one appliance that’s both a fully functioning TV and a fully functioning Android device. OK it doesn’t have a touchscreen (that would get tiring anyway) so you can control it with a standard wireless mouse and keyboard. But it will run any of the apps on Google Play and custom apps can be coded for it to provide a mix of video, interactivity and web content. The apps can also programmatically control the TV, switching it on/off, controlling volume, brightness etc.

We’re currently working on software to drive them in 400 x betting shops across the UK. We’d love to hear your ideas for other great uses of this versatile device!

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