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Bearded Hen’s third birthday!

Bearded Hen will be 3 years old soon. As we haven’t spoken in a while, we thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to.



We saw the rapid rise of Android driven devices…

So we aimed our combined 50+ years of experience in software development towards building a firm with real Android expertise.

We worked on secure betting tablets for use on race-courses, we worked on video streaming interfaces for a major car manufacturer and we built the Android mobile app and web-based CMS for a specialist town guide.



With a third Director on-board we matured and got involved in more hardware projects.

We worked with clients in the US to develop a Safety Management inspection system. We used NFC for data storage in a medical environment, we created a location-tracking app to provide legal proof of personnel locations and we produced Android tablet interfaces for industrial equipment.

We hired our first junior developer and trained her in the ways of Android.



We continued to focus on business tools and the “internet of things”.

We crafted a diagnostic app for the global number one air conditioning company, we created an Android interface for room control in 5-star hotels, we used Android to control industrial, commercial and domestic equipment over Bluetooth, modbus, wifi and USB.

Most recently we’ve started working with Android driven TV screens for programmable and interactive digital signage. We’re spinning off our product FormsOnMobile (a flexible job management system for your mobile workforce) as a separate company adding two more seasoned industry professionals to the team.

We hired two more junior developers and are making sure they have a solid understanding of commercial software development.



birdtracksWe’ve come a long way, but we consider it’s only a start.

Nathan Myhrvold (former head of strategy and technology at Microsoft) once said “The top software developers are more productive than average software developers not by a factor of 10X or 100X, or even 1,000X, but 10,000X.” While our day-rates may not be the cheapest, we like to think our experience means our customers get good value.

We may not be the top yet, but we’re striving to get there and our clients will tell you we’re knowledgeable, personable and reliable.



If you need help with anything Android, we’d love to hear from you again!

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