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Surelock – a new solution to the “kiosk mode” problem

We’ve written previously about the problems of locking devices down into “kiosk mode”. At the time of that article, the best option appeared to be Samsung Knox as long as you were happy to use a compatible device.

Since then we’ve been asked for another “kiosk” app and a further review of the options threw up “Surelock”. We’ve had a few problems trying to get Samsung Knox working on certain devices and Surelock potentially offers a simpler solution that’s open to a wider range of users. We used it on the Ninja sales demo we produced recently and it’s currently in daily use in electrical retailers across the UK with no reported issues we’re aware of.

It’s always struck us as odd that kiosk mode should present such problems on Android, but maybe we’re getting closer to a relatively simple and robust solution…

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