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Do you have an idea for the next popular app? The first step in turning your vision into a reality involves finding app developers in Bath. Getting a strong return on investment requires finding the right team for the job.

Experts in Android and iOS App Development

Android development

We are experienced in using the Kotlin programming language to develop native apps on android devices.

iOS development

We can We are experienced in using the Swift programming language to develop native apps on iOS devices.

Flutter Development

Looking for a cross-platform solution? We are experts in using Google's Flutter framework to produce Android and iOS apps from one codebase.

Turn your idea into a mobile app in 3 simple steps

1. Schedule a meeting today

We help you understand all you need to know about building mobile apps.

2. We create a plan

Get expert advice on turning an idea into a fully working mobile app.

3. Let’s execute the plan together

We promise to work to your budget, time scales and business processes.

Bearded Hen has been a long-term partner of Dyena Ltd, and we continue to enjoy working with them on the development of our apps and systems. We visualise the result, sketching the concept, and their skills turn it into a working product. Their disciplined programming methods and broad knowledge have been crucial to the success of our products. I consider Bearded Hen a member of our team and they provide me with the confidence that I can rely upon their support whenever it’s needed.

James Glover, Dyena Ltd

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