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Designed for Android devices using the Kotlin programming language.

To Tag is to identify, to manage; data, transfers, tracking, labels, catalogues and sales of artworks. Once an object is tagged, arTag gives you the ability to update and recover information connected with it remotely.


About the app

arTag is a new electronic tagging portfolio management platform for artists, collectors (of anything), and archivists.

The internet of things comes to art and collectibles. arTag makes electronic tagging available to anyone.

arTag is a label that you attach to an artwork or object and using the arTag platform you can update and access all the information from anywhere.

If you own something, tag it, and you will always be able to find out about it, from anywhere.

  • Manage your portfolio
  • Manage editions
  • Easily create labels and catalogs
  • Share to social media
  • Manage client’s accounts
  • Team and assistant logins
  • Track despatches and locations
  • Record prices and sales
  • Keep archives and records

The Client

ArTag is a small team based in Bath, UK, and the surrounding area. The arTag concept was the inspiration of artist, gallerist, and curator Peter Dickinson who teamed up during 2016 with software entrepreneur George Lossius to design the App and Web portal.


  • Complete software and hardware solution designed in conjunction with the client
  • Native app for Android and iOS
  • Reads NFC / RFID tags
  • Innovative use of iOS’s new NFC capabilities
  • Server back-end created by Bearded Hen on AWS using Spring Boot
  • Multiple user levels/roles
  • On-boarding and secure account setup for new users
  • Robustness and security are key design criteria


  • Android

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