Power Cut Reporting App

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

We recently worked with another local agency on the Android version of a smartphone based power-cut reporting app for one of the major electricity suppliers. Currently awaiting release onto Google Play, the app features: TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS – Ability to view power outages in your area on easily navigable map – Chat to electricity supplier employees […]

Integrating Apps with Dropbox

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  Just a quick note to say that we’re finding an ever increasing number of uses for Dropbox. This is mainly because the Dropbox API is a superbly efficient way to connect apps to Dropbox. We find loads of our clients already use Dropbox for storing data, so they’re used to dropping off files and […]

Surelock – a new solution to the “kiosk mode” problem

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We’ve written previously about the problems of locking devices down into “kiosk mode”. At the time of that article, the best option appeared to be Samsung Knox as long as you were happy to use a compatible device. Since then we’ve been asked for another “kiosk” app and a further review of the options threw […]

iText PDF Generation on Android

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There are remarkably few options for reliably generating PDF documents from within an Android app. We’ve had to do this a few times, particularly for generating invoices to be sent from apps used by delivery drivers and for output from our FormsOnMobile product. The best solution we’ve found is iText programmable PDF software. There’s a […]

DialToSave app

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DialToSave has been providing discount international calls for UK consumers since 2002. Earlier this year we completed a simple Android app to allow smartphone users to quickly and easily make cheap rate calls using the DialToSave service. TECHNICAL HIGHLIGHTS – Simple and intuitive interface designed by Bearded Hen. – Easily browse international phone rates for […]

Bearded Hen’s third birthday!

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Bearded Hen will be 3 years old soon. As we haven’t spoken in a while, we thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to.     We saw the rapid rise of Android driven devices… So we aimed our combined 50+ years of experience in software development towards building a firm with […]

50″ Android TV – the world’s largest tablet?

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We’ve just taken delivery of the first 50″ Android TV off the production line. That’s not a TV and set-top box, and it’s not casting an Android screen onto a regular TV, it’s one appliance that’s both a fully functioning TV and a fully functioning Android device. OK it doesn’t have a touchscreen (that would […]

“Kiosk mode” – how to lock down Android devices to one app for demos, shows and more…

Posted by on May 2, 2014 in Apps

There are a number of ways to lock the user into an app – but Android currently doesn’t make it easy. The most basic solution is to place the phone or tablet in a physical housing which prevents buttons being pressed and hides the status and navigation bars, but trying to source such a housing […]

The faster you move into the future …

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The more you have to deal with legacy issues: We’re just putting the finishing touches to an app for handling brewery deliveries to pubs and bars. At the start of the day, a list of deliveries and collections is loaded onto the device, the driver makes their round delivering (and collecting) beer casks, bottles and […]

Rugged Android PDAs or tablets

Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Apps

So what’s the big deal? Android phones and tablets are disposably cheap and with Gorilla glass are already pretty tough. So why do businesses still ask for rugged devices when they’re wildly more expensive than non-rugged varieties and the hardware’s often lower specification than the phone in your pocket. We’ve recently worked with a couple […]