Cancer A-Z App

The Group of Seven

Designed natively for iOS and Android devices using the Swift and Kotlin programming languages.

Cancer A-Z will keep you informed and in control of your cancer experience. Inspired by the world-leading cancer experts at RGCC, Cancer A-Z is packed full of clear and concise information about cancer, from a source you can trust.


About the app

The project brief was to create an app with a highly polished UI/UX together with ease of maintenance by incorporating a sync mechanism for content hosted by the client’s WordPress website.

To achieve the best results for the UI/UX it was agreed that native languages (Kotlin/Swift) would be used.

Throughout the development we worked closely with our colleagues at The Group of Seven to ensure the project ran smoothly and to schedule.

The Client

The Group of Seven are a creative design agency based in Bristol and Devon focusing on brand storytelling and video marketing.


  • WordPress API to sync content
  • Conversion of WordPress accordions to native app lists.
  • ‘Lazy loading’ and caching of downloaded images.
  • Native Android and iOS apps
  • Deep links to news items from Push Notifications


  • Android
  • iPhones/iPads

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