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Bath Sussed Out Maps

A beautiful hand-drawn map with discounts to the Roman Baths and local shops. Bath Sussed Out is a tourist map of the centre of Bath.

XML Database

The App

Bath Sussed Out Maps

Our goal for the “SO Maps” was to replicate the appealing aesthetic and quirky nature of the client’s paper maps as well as providing additional revenue by broadening the reach of the maps, giving additional advertising opportunities for local businesses, and providing a digital sales channel for the maps themselves.

These native Android and iOS apps incorporate a high resolution zoomable map with simple navigation and filters to find places of interest. Both paid and free versions are available, the paid versions incorporating special offer vouchers to be redeemed at museums, restaurants and other venues. The free version can be “unlocked” to give these vouchers by users who’ve already purchased the physical map.

The client

Sussed Out

“Sussed Out”, based close to our office in Bath, produce and sell a range of paper maps in a variety of UK tourist destinations. Their success lies in the quirky, friendly and “collectible” nature of hand-drawn maps, and good relationships with local advertisers and distributors to maximise revenues. In the age of Google/Apple Maps, it’s impressive that these quirky paper versions have carved out a significant niche as collectible souvenirs.

They approached us as a reputable and local developer capable of creating their apps, but also flexible enough to help them develop their digital revenues into the future.

Unusually we were so impressed with the appeal of the maps and the way SO Maps had already achieved significant penetration in our local town of Bath, that we were more than happy to work on a relatively modest up-front development fee plus a share of future digital revenues. It’s great to see well executed local businesses like this embrace their digital opportunities and ongoing we hope to work with them to help make their digital offerings as successful as the paper ones.


This app featured the following technologies:

Premium and 'Lite'

Free and paid versions offer more revenue opportunities for client


Filtering of places of interest by type to avoid “clutter” when zooming map

XML Database

Simple XML database for easy updates and extensibility including short term promotional offers

Voucher Codes

“Unlock” vouchers on free app by using code on paper map

App Screenshots