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Driving Test Routes

Ultimate driving test routes app that covers 370+ Driving Test Centres and 7000+ Test Routes in the UK, Republic of Ireland, US, and Canada

The App

The Route-Led app provides a simple, easy-to-use process in which users can download and navigate through all their local driving test routes. Route-Led includes a powerful navigation routing engine, traffic-aware software, and intuitive turn-by-turn directions. The app includes both audio and visual cues to help the driver navigate the test route so they can concentrate on their driving ready for their upcoming test.

The client


Route Led came to us with an existing app, in need of some general updates, but also a complete overhaul of the current process due to their current app being rejected by Apple’s stringent publishing guidelines.

We worked with Route Led to refine their app, and to make the required changes to get through Apple’s review process.


This app featured the following technologies:


Cloud Syncing

In App Purchases

Tawk Live Chat


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