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enVoi is LutraHealth’s flagship application designed and built to improve the efficiency of communication between patient, surgeon and optometrist for cataract referrals in both the NHS and private sectors.

The App


enVoi is the brainchild of consultant ophthalmologist Sam Evans who came to Bearded Hen wishing to turn his proven paper-based concept for drastically improving the efficiency of the referral process for cataract operations into a scalable system using mobile apps. 

The app allows a network of users and practices to be built by the system users.  Optometrists are able to record details of eye examinations and invite their patients to complete a thorough questionnaire before referring the patient to a hospital.   

Surgeons are then able to view a concise PDF of all the information gathered allowing them to decide if a patient may be fast-tracked through to their operation.

Bearded Hen also provided the AWS cloud functions for the backend.

The client

Lutra Health Ltd

Lutra Health Ltd was formed as a start-up to take the system to market.    Sam has built a team dedicated to taking the system to market   They are about to (March ’23) undertake their first trials of the system within two NHS trusts..


This app featured the following technologies:

Customisable Questionnaire

PDF Generation

AWS Backend

Flutter App

App Screenshots