We can work with you at all stages of the development cycle. First listening to your requirements, then once development is under way providing regular updates in the form of interim runnable releases that you can install, play with, review and comment on. That way there’ll be no surprises come the final release.

Mobile apps should optimize the use of limited screen size and the short attention span of users on the move. We help you to think about how best to organise your interface to give the user a pleasing, engaging and productive experience.

Native mobile apps allow access to the full functionality of devices such as GPS, camera, wi-fi, USB, Bluetooth, accelerometers, microphone etc. Your software can also be integrated with other apps such as maps or navigation, or can control and communicate with external hardware, so the scope of a mobile app can be vast.

We’ll pull together the right technical and creative people to make your app great, and if the app is aimed at revenue generation we’ll help you work out how to make it earn its way whether by paid downloads or one of many potential forms of e-commerce.

We can help you consider the most effective ways of taking your app to market and developing it further. Once your prototype is a success, we can manage the process of porting it to other operating systems and mobile/tablet devices.

Got a great app idea? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help.

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