Andy Knapp

Over 23 years of experience working for a leading software house gave Andy a disciplined, time conscious and professional approach to software. Former clients range from multinational telecoms operators to small local businesses and he has a particularly strong background in Java, XML and C#. Add to this three years working exclusively with Android and you’ll understand why clients find Andy quickly understands their issues and translates their requirements into robust and efficient Android tools.

Andy’s passion for clear, intuitive user interfaces and efficient, maintainable, robust design place him perfectly to exploit the potential of Android.

As well as client work, Andy spearheads the development of ‘FormsOnMobile’, our mobile data gathering product.

Ed Beardwell

A Rolls-Royce trained engineer turned chartered accountant, Ed moved into interactive multimedia in 1996 when interactive CD-ROMs were all the rage. He developed products for training, medical, pharmaceutical and software companies as well as a range of novelty consumer products.

In 1998 he combined the photo library business model with internet technology to form CartoonStock, one of the first image marketplaces on the web.

CartoonStock has grown steadily and diversified its business through two dotcom booms and busts and continues to lead its field, leaving Ed a seasoned e-business professional.

As Commercial Director, Ed makes it his business to ensure the right resources are applied to each project, that things get delivered on schedule, and that clients get a solution that fulfils, or hopefully exceeds their requirements.


A Biochemistry graduate from the University of Bath, Jamie’s specialism in bioinformatics and bias towards computing in his studies led him to join us in 2014 as a graduate mobile developer. He picks up new concepts with lightning speed and demonstrates as much aptitude and grounding in most areas of computing as any Computer Science graduate we’ve come across. He’s now an accomplished Android and iOS developer with back-end database and web development skills to boot.

As well as maintaining our top-trending Github repository ‘Android Bootstrap’, Jamie enjoys running, cycling and photography… and if you need anybody to identify antibiotic resistant DNA sequences, he’s your man!


A recent Physics graduate from the University of Bath (first-class degree no less), James’s interest and aptitude for IT and particularly mobile development led him to join us as a graduate mobile developer, currently specialising in Android but already picking up iOS skills.

A musician, sound designer and song writer in his spare time, James has been playing guitar and bass for 7 years. You may even have heard him thrashing his way through a few tunes for the entertainment of the masses at various venues in the Somerset area.


Currently working for us while completing his degree in Computer Science at Coventry University, Tom has proved a talented addition to the team as an Android developer, working on several client and in-house apps within weeks of joining us.

An avid follower of computing, technology and gaming, Tom is already a go-to person for up to date tech knowledge…


A Computing graduate from University of the West of England, Chris has worked for our sister company CartoonStock for 7 years. He’s an accomplished web developer competent in many scripting languages, comfortable with both Linux and Windows server management and familiar with many other web technologies. Whilst we share his time with CartoonStock, he’s available to help us with web development and hosting issues when we need him.

He’s a football mad Bristol City fan, capable of half-marathons and also of sitting through an entire cricket match without visible signs of boredom.


Formerly our Office Manager, Nik has now branched out to exploit her creative side as a freelance graphic designer. We’re still in regular contact and she’s available when we need to tap into her skills as an Adobe guru and creator of all things beautiful.

From her early start in business administration, she’s spent years studying and perfecting her graphic skills and now regularly gets involved in branding, graphic design, imagery, infographics and interface design.