Trax GPS Tracking


Designed for iOS and Android devices using the Flutter framework.

Trax42 is the companion app for the Trax42 GPS Trackers, which allows users to track the location of their assets in real-time


About the app

Tracker devices are pre-allocated to registered clients by Dyena. The app then allows the client to sign on and view all their assigned trackers.

The trackers use Narrow Band Internet of Things technologies (NB-IoT) to send their location via Vodafone IoT Solutions to an AWS instance configured by Bearded Hen. The NB-IoT works with minimal bandwidth requirements resulting in device battery lives of between 5 – 10 years.

The app allows the user to view the routes trackers have followed historically and in real-time on a Google Map view.

The Client

We worked with Dyena, who design and manufacture electronic recording equipment for impact exposure monitoring, human factors research and vessel development.

Dyena saw an opportunity through its manufacturing contacts in China to bring the latest inexpensive tracking technology to the UK


  • AWS for cloud storage.
  • Programmed using Google’s cross-platform language Flutter.
  • Very quick development turnaround from initial specification.
  • Auto-zooming Google Maps .


  • Android
  • iPhones/iPads
Bearded Hen has been a long term partner of Dyena Ltd, and we continue to enjoy working with them on the development of our apps and systems. We visualise the result, sketching the concept, and their skills turn it into a working product. Their disciplined programming methods and broad knowledge have been crucial to the success of our products. I consider Bearded Hen a member of our team and they provide me with the confidence that I can rely upon their support whenever it’s needed.
I went to Bearded Hen with ideas and a vision but little else, they patiently and diligently worked to create a reality. The new app was enhanced by their own input and creativity and ability to be so agile in their approach to development.
Without their support and technical intelligence I doubt I would have made it beyond the ideas stage.
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