VALID Tree Risk

Designed natively for iOS and Android devices using the Swift and Kotlin programming languages.

The app is intended for arborists as a companion app for the VALID tree risk management course to evaluate the risk of a tree failure and generate an evaluation report.


About the App

The app generates a professional but concise tree failure risk assessment report with photos, GPS location and the results of the unique ‘VALID’ risk assessment procedure included. Skilled tree specialists are trained in the ‘VALID’ procedure via seminars hosted around the world. The procedure encourages the specialist to consider the key factors regarding risk and consequential failure in isolation from one another.

The next phase of the project will see the assessments being persisted on a Google Firebase back-end together with file sharing integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Key Features

  • PDF generation
  • Google maps snapshots
  • Purpose built icons & controls
  • Tailed displays for all device sizes
  • Share to social media

The Client

David Evans is the creator of the VALID system for assessing the probability and risk of tree failure. David travels the world presenting seminars on the subject and together with academic input from colleagues at Bath University has devised an innovative method of performing an assessment using the app we developed for him which reduces the effort required by the assessor, encourages consistency between participating users and generates a concise, professional quality PDF report.


  • Native app for Android and iOS
  • Google Maps image capture of current location
  • Google Firebase Cloud backup and assessment download web page
  • Google Drive & Dropbox integrations
  • Unique customer specified controls and branding
  • Robustness and security are key design criteria


  • Android
  • iPhones & iPads

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